Entry #1


2007-07-17 20:48:23 by spare-jello

The Redesign. It's been a long time coming, but we knew it would be here sooner or later. It's different, but we'll get used to it. Sure, it's eye candy, but what are the BIG things. Not just the big things, but the really big things that will make a humongeous difference in the way we run newgrounds. I don't see anything HUGE. Sure, I love everything about the new NG, but it's the same stuff, covered with gloss and with some features added.

Great job Tom. I just hope that the NG mag can catch up.


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2007-07-17 21:24:45

NG Mag already is pure eye candy. I think Newgrounds was the one catching up with the Mag. But also, the audio portal had a huge makeover also, not many people are noticing.